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Welcome to my First Blog Post

December 27, 2016    Haliana Orman


Hello and welcome to my first blog post for the Athletic Scholarship Foundation of Tuolumne County. My name is Haliana Orman. I hope you enjoy reading  my blog entries and please submit questions and comments. I will answer them as quickly as I can.

​I am sixteen years old and I have been dancing for a bit more than four years. This year will be my second year on the competitive dance team with OnStage Dance Company.

What drew me to dance was my desire to expand my theatrical skills for musicals and plays. I have been in several productions locally.  I first started taking ballet classes at Connections Visual and Performing Arts Academy at Summerville High School when I was in 7th grade.

When I first walked into ballet class I instantly fell in love with dance. Soon after, at OnStage Dance Studio, I tried out hip hop and lyrical classes. My interest and joy grew as I attended more and more classes. Now I attend Tap, Stretch, Jazz, Leaps and Turns, Lyrical, Ballet, and my specialty, Hip Hop. I also teach a beginning junior hip hop dance class.

The OnStage Dance Team competes at several competitions each year. Here is a list of events that I will be competing at this year:


  • Leap! - Sacramento, CA. February 10th - 11th 

  • Next Level - Pleasanton CA. March 10th - 12th

  • Encore - Hayward, CA. March 17th-19th

  • Rainbow Connections - Sacramento, CA.  April 28th-30th

  • Masquerade - Cupertino, CA. May 5th-7th

  • Starbound Competition - San Mateo, CA. June 2nd-4th


I want to say thank you to the Athletic Scholarship Foundation of Tuolumne County. Without their help, I may not be able to compete this year.


I aspire to be a positive role model for all girls. I have had difficulties with self-image issues which is why I think it is important for everyone to feel beautiful. Regardless of the financial hardships my family faces, they always assure me that I am beautiful just the way I am. 


For several years, I have wanted to compete in the Miss Tuolumne County pageant and this year, I decided to enter. The interview session was worth the most points during the pageant. I feel I did quite well in this area. For the talent portion of the pageant, I performed a musical theater dance. Now, I am proud to say that I am the current Miss Tuolumne County!


My passion for dance and performing grows everyday along with my drive to overcome challenges. The devotion I have towards dance has pushed me to attend more dance classes and to seek a career out of it. I take much pride in making dreams a reality while continuing to be involved and part of such a great community.  I want to share this with the children of our county.  Everyone deserves to be appreciated for the beauty within them and to love themselves for who they are.  With the help of the Athletic Scholarship Foundation of Tuolumne County , I am gratefully able to continue dance and inspire other young dancers. 


With all of my activities, my family and I were worried about how it would affect my school grades. With a busy schedule, I have had to plan my time better than I did before. I have become more disciplined in my studies and because of that, I feel I am a better student now.  


Please come back in a few weeks for my next blog post.


Thank you,

Haliana Orman

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